PHP core
PHP 5.6+, PHP 7.2+, or 8.0+
PHP extensions
php-mysql, php-gd2
MySQL 5.7+, MySQL 8.0+, or MariaDB 10.1+
Web Browser support (Desktop)
IE 10+, Edge 12+, Firefox 28+, Chrome 21+, Safari 6.1+, Opera 12.1+
Web Browser support (Mobile)
Safari 7+, Chrome 98+, Firefox 96+
Official Support
You get 3 years (1 year for pro) free technical support. You can start ticket from our Client Area. All tickets will be replied in 24 hours.
Community Support
You can use our online community to share knowledge with other users.
We provide free documentation for general installation and usage.
Source Code
You get 100% Source Code
Source code of PHP, js, css, and React Native.
PHP source code
For creating website.
React Native source code
For creating native iOS&Android app.
Total number of members does not affect Jcow performance.
Online members (10 mins)
Jcow can handle 5000 online members on a general hosting.
Jcow database and SQL queries are well optimized. Even your site has 10,000,000 posts, a query can still be finished in a few ms.
Images converting
Jcow uses PHP GD2 for compressing images. Based on your CPU speed, it can convert about 5-10 images per second.
Members can upload .mp4 videos to your site.
Members can upload multiple images to a single post. Members can upload images to comments. Images will be compressed to different sizes.
YouTube links will be recognized automatically and displayed in a video player.
Multiple Languages
Jcow user interface supports multiple languages. Members can choose their own language.
Manage languages
You can easily add/remove/edit languages.
Online translating
You can easily translate interface words.
Dynamic Caching
Jcow caches complex SQL queries to speed up your site speed. Caches will be automatically updated.
Module system
You can easily upload/enable/disable Jcow modules
Module Icons
Support Font-Awesome and Material-Icons.
Module hooks
In programming level, support core hooks and module hooks.
Menu system
Menu is automatically generated by Module system
You can change the order of menu items.
You can add links to menu.
Built-in modules
Blogs (articles)
Articles writing and browsing. Support WYSIWYG editor.
Images uploading and browsing.
Videos uploading and browsing.
Members can start/join events. Support Google Map integration.
Audio files uploading and browsing.
Members can create new or edit wiki posts. Support article version controller.
Members can ask and answer questions. Answers can be voted. The most upvoted answers will be on the top.
Members can create/join groups.
*Fan Pages
Members can create/like fan pages.
Unlimited forums, threads, posts.
Members can post classified ads to your site.
Add-on modules
*Free Download
We provide more Jcow modules, themes, language packages on our store. Jcow users can download all of them for free.
Safe Guard
Post rate limiting
Jcow built-in anti-flood system automatically stop members from posting large number of posts to your site. It is an intelligent system and will not affect normal posting.
Local spammer database
Informations of spammers will be recorded to your database. It will stop the spammers from coming again.
Cloud spammer database
If a person is recorded in trusted 3rd-party spammer databases, he will not be able to register/login to your site.
Stream Monitor
You can monitor actions of recently joined members.
Unlimited members
Forgot password
Members can re-set their password if they forgot the password.
Facebook connection
Members can directly login/register your site using their Facebook account
Google connection
Members can directly login/register your site using their Google account
Member Fileds
Built-in profile fields
Full Name, Username, Email, Birthday, Gender, Location, Avatar.
Custom Profile fields
You can add custom profile fields that members will be asked to fill in. The fields can be required or not required. They will be displayed on profile pages.
Member Roles
Modify member roles
You can change roles of members.
Custom member roles
You add/edit/remove member roles.
Built-in member roles
Guest, General member, Administrator.
Permission Control
You can give different permissions to different roles of members
Support member browser, group creating, page creating, and all forum actions.
Member Privacy
Profile view
Members can choose who can view their profile.
Member browser
Members hide themselves from member browser page.
User Block
Members can blacklist other members from interacting. They will not see posts from blacklisted members.
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Jcow system is integrated with CloudFlare CDN. You can easily speed up your static files loading by turning on CloudFlare CDN.
Google Adsense friendly
Jcow system is highly integrated with Google Adsense. Adsense can display personalized ads for logged in members, and you can get higher revenue.
Ad Boosting system
Members can boost their posts by paying CPC bids. If multiple members bid ad place, the higher bid will be shown.
Member roles support
You can hide ads to specific member roles.
Mobile App
Built-in mobile app API
Once your website is running, your mobile app API is running. You do not need to do extra work on server-side.

(Features Marked * mean Jcow Ultimate Edition only.)

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